Kosma massagen marlene lufen forum

kosma massagen marlene lufen forum

duel during the semi final. On Day two Heinz walked due to being upset about the living situation in the construction site. The housemate who rolled the highest would win a tick to the finale and protection from the final round of nominations. It would be less painful only in Birkenstock thongs! Villa Candidate, construction Site Candidate, game, winner. All villa housemates were eligible including Mike and Johannes who just moved. In this duel housemates had to throw water from bucket to bucket to full a container at the end. The team with the most balloons popped within the 2:30 time limit wins. Housemates swap houses, august 19th, johannes, alphonso "Fire Ball". Punishment: Pascal and Chethrin were punished for trying to sneak food to the construction site housemates. The winner of the duel will move into the villa and the lose will move into the construction site. As voted on by the public. August 2018 Chethrin Moved from the construction site to the villa Villa Vote Sophia Moved from the villa to the construction site Public Vote Mike Pascal Katja Umut Daniel Cora Johannes Chethrin Silvia Alphonso Nicole Sophia.

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In short - stay classy * Enforced by the guild more info, user rated (beautiful feet) crimedawg1, member since 03/2017 Guild Knight (Level 4)12 14:33:02 This is hot! Eviction: All housemates were nominated for eviction. The team with the most water after 1:30 would win and move back into the villa. Alphonso, housemates swap houses, august 20th, chetrin. By a close margin Mike was the second evicted. Viewer Carepackage: Everyday the housemates will receive a care package containing an item(s) voted on upon the viewers on the show site. August 27th Umut Katja Daniel Johannes Hochstpler" Daniel Johannes Construction Site kosma massagen marlene lufen forum housemates are immune from nominations August 28th N/A Alphonso Silvia Sliding Everywher" Alphonso Double nomination points August 29th N/A Daniel Chethrin High with it" Daniel Daniel wins immunity from nominations and Chethrin is automatically. An angry-looking, presumably aching bunion. He had no choice in which area of the house he moved into, as Heinz was in the construction site before quitting Umut was required to move into the construction site. Toechecker Member since 06/2013 Experienced Guilder (Level 2)2 16:51:15 her lovely buns are a sign of professionalism User rated (beautiful feet) Pedamor Member since 11/2017 06:36:41 A dream! The lines were opened at the beginning of the show for the public to vote to save one housemate of their choice.

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